Plastic Surgery - The Lett Center What Everyone Should Know Before Receiving Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery, especially cosmetic plastic surgery, has a history of glamor. We all like to look and feel more attractive and youthful. However, before you run out to get a procedure done, you must know some important things about plastic surgery. Plastic surgery isn’t like getting a makeover!

It’s a surgery

Plastic surgeries are surgeries. This means that there will be pain and recovery time as the body heals. Swelling, bruising, and pain are just some of the recovery symptoms experienced. Some procedures require the insertions of drains while the body recovers.

While most people can go back to work after a week of recovery time, multiple surgeries or certain complicated ones can require longer recovery times. It can also take a long time for your body to settle back into its final form after a procedure.

Also, sometimes you’ll need to go in for follow-up procedures to correct your look while you recover. These are often much milder than the initial surgery, but it can require another surgery.

In short, don’t let the glamor fool you. While the results are great, you will have to undergo post-surgical recovery. It is crucial to find out the details of your procedure, recovery, and expected results prior to surgery.

It may not fix the real problem

Some people go to a plastic surgeon with an ulterior motive. They want a procedure done so they can then get a partner, a promotion, or some other social benefit due to their new look. No plastic surgeon can guarantee that you’ll get that result, and there may be much better ways to get it than through a surgery.

Furthermore, you need to understand just how much a surgeon can actually change with a procedure. For instance, liposuction cannot cure obesity. Despite what magazines and television may say, plastic surgery is not a cure-all for fixing something you don’t like about your body.

It is not permanent 

No plastic surgery procedure is permanent. We cannot fix your features into something that will never change. Your body, along with everyone else’s, will continue to grow older over time and there’s nothing medical science can do to stop that. However, the effects of most procedures will last for several years. Speak with your surgeon about how long your particular procedure will last.

There may be scars

Part of the skill of an experienced plastic surgeon is the minimization or hiding of scars. However, never trust a surgeon who says they can make a scarless surgery. Scarring is part of the body’s healing process. You should talk to your surgeon about scarring and what scars may be visible after your procedure.

It is expensive

Plastic surgery can cost a lot of money. There’s no getting around that. While in some cases it’s possible to get coverage from insurance, cosmetic plastic surgery will require out-of-pocket payments. Don’t hesitate to ask about the cost of a procedure up front; we won’t consider it rude! We even offer financing options to help you get quality treatment. However, we don’t recommend going with the cheapest surgeon you can find. That increases the risk of a poor outcome.

Plastic surgery is a procedure that you shouldn’t take lightly. You should get all of the facts first. If you are considering plastic surgery and have questions, contact our offices for a consultation.