It’s all too easy for people to make judgments about plastic surgery and the people who choose to undergo cosmetic procedures without ever taking the time to put themselves in their shoes. For a recent article published in the Harvard Independent, Harvard University’s student-run weekly newspaper, contributor Eloise Lynton sat down with her peer, Maya, to discuss this divisive issue.

In her article, Lynton admits that she didn’t always have the most positive view of plastic surgery throughout her life. However, after speaking to Maya about her decision to get rhinoplasty, Lynton came to realize that plastic surgery can help people overcome crippling insecurity.

Maya explained to Lynton that she began hating her nose at a young age, claiming that it was a daily source of anxiety for her as she was growing up and that it was all she could see when she looked in the mirror. Finally, as an adult, she decided to take action. Now, she says that getting a nose job has benefited her life significantly.

“This relief from suffering that Maya describes, more than anything, seems like a compelling reason to support those who undergo plastic surgery,” writes Lynton. “Whatever its negative implications, plastic surgery is a choice and those who make it should not be looked down on, but should be supported, as we would support any individual in an attempt to better his or her life.”

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