Following speculation that Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington recently had rhinoplasty after years of speaking publicly about how much she disliked her nose, 21-year-old Kate, a trainee optician, spoke with the Daily Mail about her decision to get a nose job. Kate’s story serves as a reminder of how important it is to seek out a highly trained board certified plastic surgeons when you undergo any type of cosmetic procedure.

According to the source, when Kate turned 18, she went to “the cheapest place [she] could find” to see about getting the bump in her nose shaved down. Following the surgery, Kate was left with a scar on the bridge of her nose — plus, her respiratory lining had been damaged. She later found that the surgeon who had performed the procedure had fled the country. Fortunately, Kate got the opportunity to appear on the TLC show “Extreme Beauty Disasters” to have her nose fixed for free a few years later.

The news outlet spoke with Dr. Anthony Erian of the London Centre for Cosmetic Surgery to get his perspective on Kate’s botched nose job and he stressed the importance of taking one’s time to find a plastic surgeon who has experience with rhinoplasty.

“With a reputable surgeon performing rhinoplasty many problems can be reduced or corrected — long noses can be shortened, crooked noses straightened, bumps and hooks removed, wide noses can be narrowed, rounded tips removed and nostrils made smaller,” said Dr. Erian. “I would always advise finding a safe pair of hands when it comes to this delicate operation.”

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