If you’ve been following this blog, you know that a growing number of people have opted to undergo plastic surgery to look better in “selfies” and other forms of social media.

Twenty-eight-year-old Elizabeth Laich admits that she gets Botox every three months because she doesn’t like the way her forehead looks in selfies. The Botox injections help smooth out the wrinkles above her brow.

Laich isn’t alone in her use of Botox. In fact, Americans had more than six million Botox procedures last year, up 3 percent from the previous year. Other wrinkle plumpers such Juvederm increased 18 percent as well.

“I certainly believe [the increase of plastic surgery] could be due to social media. People are getting other glimpses of themselves that perhaps they haven’t seen just by looking in the mirror,” a Pennsylvania-based plastic surgeon tells local news source We Are Central Pa. “[Laich] says she’s getting tons of confidence and she thinks she’s projecting herself better as a result of that,”

Not only is plastic surgery helpful for personal social media pages, it can also make an impact on your career. Nowadays, more and more businesses depend on social media marketing. Prospective clients are more likely to click on a page if they see an image of a youthful, attractive and, most importantly, confident-looking executive. Laich has definitely seen an improvement in her professional life thanks to a series of Botox injections.

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