Olympic swimming champion Stephanie Rice recently took to Instagram to discuss the one-year anniversary of her rhinoplasty, saying that she has no regrets and loves how she looks. The 26-year-old Australian posted a photo of herself looking glamorous and happy in a sexy white dress, the bridge of her nose noticeably thinner and more defined than it was before her surgery.

Rice broke her nose as a teen while swimming, leaving her to struggle with sinus problems and self-confidence issues.

“When I made the choice to have my rhinoplasty at the start of last year I had a few people around me advising me to keep it hush because I guess a lot of people do,” the famous athlete wrote. “I wasn’t really bothered about it because I don’t see the big deal, plus, to me, why lie? But looking back I’m so glad I didn’t keep it hush hush and rather owned my decision … because there is no better feeling than owning your decisions and feeling empowered.”

Rice added that she loves hearing from her fans, many of whom have reached out to her via her website to ask about the procedure and her experience. The swimmer said she loves helping others who might be considering cosmetic surgery because it had such a positive impact on her life.

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