If you tuned in to the Emmy’s this weekend, you may have been taken in by all of the fashion flourishes and flops on the red carpet, as performers from television and film did their best to outdo each other’s extravagant ensembles. But, as you were watching, did you find yourself thinking about another bit of prep-work these A-listers indulged in before the big day?

This week, the OC Register, a news outlet based in California, dished on the plastic surgery rumors that abounded during Sunday’s festivities. Were certain female celebrities showing off their latest nips and tucks as well as their haute couture? It certainly seems that way.

One subject of speculation was Julianna Margulies, formerly of “ER” and still a show-stopping beauty on “The Good Wife.” The 45-year-old had denied such rumors in the past, though she did admit that she could be open to persuasion. “I would never say never. The beauty of being a woman is you are allowed to change your mind,” she said in an  2010 interview.

Since then, plastic surgeons have posited that the raven-haired actress and mother may have made good on her word and invested in a bit of Botox before hitting the red carpet – and more power to her if she did!

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