The eyes are one of the number one indicators of age for men.

How popular is plastic surgery becoming for men? In one country, the number of procedures is increasing in vast amounts, as male patients seek out their most desired look with the latest innovative surgeries and technology.

According to the Brazilian newspaper Estado de Sao Paulo, one cosmetic surgery is being performed every two minutes for male patients, translating to 31.5 operations per hour. Statistics from the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery found that procedures have quadrupled among men, increasing to 276,000 surgeries in 2014, from just 72,000 in 2009.

The Rising Popularity of Male Plastic Surgery

One of the main reasons for this shift, as seen in the U.S. as well, is a decrease in bias against men being interested and undergoing a change. For some time, plastic surgery had been seen as a realm of women only, marked by bust-increasing breast augmentations and facial changes.

The most popular procedure for males in this part of the world is breast reduction, followed by liposuction and eyelid procedures.

What Do These Trends Mean?

These surgeries indicate a move toward a more youthful appearance, with an aging workforce and a more competitive job market, similar to the U.S., more men are competing for jobs in their field.

An eyelid procedure, also known as a blepharoplasty, is one of the top five most popular procedures in the U.S. This surgery corrects sagging skin around the eye, which can cause folds and droops, aging the appearance of the patient. Excess skin deposits can also cause puffiness, causing bags to form beneath the eyes as well. By removing these bags and correcting puffiness, a more youthful rested appearance is able to be achieved.

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