Have you ever been jealous of your favorite celebrity’s most unique feature? Well actress Myla Sinanaj, who has admitted to having an obsession with Kim Kardashian, is on a mission to replicate the socialite’s figure with some help from a plastic surgeon.

According to TMZ, Myla is spending $30,000 next month on liposuction as well as lip and breast augmentation in order to look like her celebrity idol. This decision has partly been made in response to critics who have called Myla the “fat version of Kim K.”

Although Myla was offended by these hurtful remarks, she also is hoping these modifications will kick-start her own Hollywood career.

When women are unhappy with there appearance many do not know how they can improve their looks to give them the confidence necessary to become successful in any industry. Getting inspiration from people who are famous for their looks is a great way to combat this hopelessness.

Whether it is a few simple modifications or an all-out reinvention like Myla’s, adapting your body to mimic a celebrity will give you some peace of mind knowing that the final result will satisfy your needs. Also, if you don’t want to look like a clone, you can mix and match features from several different people to build a unique appearance that fits your personality.

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