Whenever any famous face goes through a physical transformation, gossip mags everywhere are quick to speculate that they may have gotten a little help from a board-certified plastic surgeon. Such is the case for reality star Khloe Kardashian, whose newly trim and toned physique has the rumors mills going into overdrive.

According to celebrity news outlets including OK! Magazine and Celeb Dirty Laundry, the wife of NBA forward Lamar Odom may have indulged in a bit of liposuction in her quest to attain a more svelte and sultry physique.

“She doesn’t want to be perfect,” a source purportedly close to the celeb told OK! “She just wants to wear her skinny jeans without feeling like she’d have to unbutton the top button after going for pizza.”

Kardashian has denied the rumors that she supplemented her dieting and exercise regimen with a few cosmetic enhancements. Whatever the final verdict, though, it’s undeniable that liposuction and other such treatments are a blessing for women who, like the newly slim star, are trying to shed a few pounds and improve their physical curvature.

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