It’s perfectly natural to feel a bit self-conscious about your appearance. That is why so many individuals undergo plastic surgery every year. However, our mouths drop in shock every time we hear of people like Japanese model Vanilla Chamu, who has virtually transformed her look into what she has referred to as a “French doll.” Her obsession with plastic surgery began when she was still a teenager.

“She wanted be [a] France Doll because no one said the doll [was] ugly. After [she] graduate[d] from High School at 17 years old, she started getting plastic surgery,” said YouTube user Kobutachan07, who has posted several videos on Chamu’s startling transformation.

She purportedly had her first procedure at 19 years old. Although Chamu has refused to reveal her age, she is not shy about telling everyone how much money she has spent. The model has had more than 30 operations, which has cost her a whopping $102,000. Instead of embracing her unique beauty, she’s had doctors perform a double-eyelid surgery, which was meant to give her a more “Western” appearance. But that’s not all. She’s also admitted to getting breast implants and liposuction and fixing her nose. According to the U.K. Daily Mail, she also plans on having her legs lengthened in the near future.

It’s jaw-dropping looks like Chamu’s that often make us wonder what doctors were thinking when they agreed to keep operating on her.

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