Once a taboo subject that no celebrity would own up to – however wrinkle-free her forehead – plastic surgery has become a part of mainstream culture. As we’ve discussed in past posts, more famous faces are talking openly about their various nips and tucks, and some are even sharing their experience onscreen, in part to educate men and women who are considering similar procedures.

Several reality TV stars have chosen to broadcast this process, from the initial decision to post-op recovery. Recently, Jacqueline Laurita of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” went under the knife in an episode of the show. Viewers watched as the stunning brunette shared her insecurities about her figure during a shopping trip with a female friend. Laurita, who has given birth to two boys, candidly confessed that she didn’t feel comfortable in a bathing suit because of the loose skin on her stomach. She added that a similar sagging along her jaw also made her feel self-conscious.

Laurita shared her plans to get a tummy tuck and neck lift with her friend as well as her parents, all of whom expressed their disapproval. Even Laurita’s husband didn’t believe she needed the surgeries, but offered to support her decision.

Ultimately, though, it came down to Laurita herself, and how the cosmetic enhancements would make her feel.

“I want to do this for myself,” she explained, adding that the procedures would help her get rid “of all the baggage in [her] life.”

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