Following the Oscars, a handful of celebrities have been criticized for going a bit too crazy with plastic surgery. AARP reports that seeing celebrities who have overdone plastic surgery can discourage some from pursuing it for themselves, but reassures readers that there are ways to ensure that they’re happy with their new look should they undergo certain procedures.

“It’s always a scary vision for patients and doctors to see aesthetics gone awry,” Dr. David Rosenberg, a New York City-based plastic surgeon, told the source. “It creates a fear factor. Bad facelifts are not accidents — the surgeon’s judgment is off.”

If you’re considering plastic surgery to improve your appearance, the news outlet suggests following these tips to guarantee that you’re happy with the results:

Seek a realistic end result – People wind up looking artificial when they attempt to alter their appearance too drastically. With this in mind, consider aiming for an end result that will enhance your appearance rather than alter it entirely. “Any ‘work’ should be invisible so all others see is a normal, vibrant, energized woman who looks good,” states the source. Communicate your desires to your plastic surgeon and work with him or her to come up with a plan that will give you natural-looking results.

Start with small changes – You may have a long list of procedures in mind, but there’s no need to overdo it. For example, instead of getting a full facelift, just have your eyes done. Blepharoplasty removes the bags from under your eyes, giving you a youthful, natural look.

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