If you’ve been thinking about getting breast implants, you may have come across some false information during your research. Last week, the Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland published a press release in which Dr. Michael Cohen, a breast augmentation specialist at the facility, sought to debunk some of the most common myths about breast implants.

Here’s a look at a few of these common breast implant myths:

Both implants will be the same size. Don’t be alarmed if your plastic surgeon recommends two different-sized implants. The fact is that many women’s breasts are asymmetrical pre-surgery. One purpose of breast augmentation is to create symmetry. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to have an implant that is smaller on one side than on the other.

Breast implants make it impossible for women to breastfeed. The implants themselves don’t have an effect on a woman’s ability to safely produce milk for her baby. However, the incision location may affect the milk ducts. If you’re planning to breastfeed after getting your breast implants, address this with your plastic surgeon.

Breast implants must be replaced every 10 years. There isn’t a set time period for having breast implants replaced. It depends on whether the patient has experienced any problems with her implants. “While not considered lifetime devices, there are many breast augmentation patients who’ve gone 20 years or more without incident,” explains Dr. Cohen. “Certain studies have shown that the occurrence of ruptures in saline implants increases after 10 years, and this is likely the root of this misconception.”

Consider DIEP Flap Surgery for More Natural Results

If you want more natural looking and feeling results, consider DIEP Flap surgery for natural breast augmentation. As an added benefit, DIEP flap surgery takes your own tissues from your tummy to augment your breasts. In some cases, patients can sometimes see the same benefits as a tummy tuck!

Breast Implant Surgery in Mt. Juliet and Lebanon, TN

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