According to the U.K. Daily Mail, a pair of Australian twins have undergone over $250,000 worth of plastic surgery to obtain an eerily identical appearance.

The 28-year-olds from Perth, Australia, Lucy and Anna DeCinque, have found themselves in the spotlight after a recent stint on a Japanese game show.

The pair have undergone a range of cosmetic changes including lip fillers, breast implants, eyelash enhancements and permanent drawn-on eyebrows.

The twins also undergo infra-red sauna treatments, microdermabrasion and skin peels once a week to maintain their same fresh, identical appearance.

“We’ve always been identical from an early age, we just wanted to get the same procedures because we want to do everything together and we want to look exactly the same,’ they said to The Daily Mail.

The women do everything together, including sleeping in the same bedroom, job occupation and even the same boyfriend. Although they have been hard to tell apart from an early age, their cosmetic enhancements, identical outfits and similar lifestyles have only made it even harder to determine who is who.

Some experts believe their desire to appear the same and their constant proximity to each other can cause major problems now and later in life. Some fear what will happen to one twin if the other gets married, moves away or becomes sick and dies.

Despite these warnings, the twins claim they are not only happy, but love their closeness and the way they look. The twins plan to undergo more similar surgeries in the future, as well as maintain their tight bond.

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