Often when describing beauty, the word “glowing” comes to mind. To achieve this look through makeup, some companies include specks of gold in skin products for a glittery look, to help customers literally add a glow to their face. Unfortunately, this comes at an expense. A recent study found that adding this highly prized metal to these products may instead accelerate aging.

Researchers at Stony Brook University (SBU) published their findings in Nanotoxicology, explaining that gold particles can actually cause wrinkles in skin, in addition to adding the “glowing” look.

“Reductions caused by gold nanoparticles can result in systemic changes to the body,” chemical and molecular engineering professor Tatsiana Mironava said in the report. “Since they have been considered inert and essentially harmless, it was assumed that pure gold nanoparticles would also be safe. Evidence to the contrary is beginning to emerge.”

Specifically, the gold particles were found to penetrate stem cells almost immediately, and were unable to be removed once inside the cells. In addition to creating more wrinkles, this also caused wounds to heal more slowly and prevented fat storage.

For Tennessee ladies that use skincare products that incorporate gold particles, there are alternatives. Botox treatments and facial injection can help bring a youthful look to skin, so users don’t have to rely on products that may include gold. This news also serves as a reminder of other products that may soon be found to be harmful. With medically tested procedures like Botox that offer long-termsolutions, men and women who want to do away with unsightly frown lines and furrows can avoid these accelerated aging side effects. Contact the Lett Center today to learn more about these treatments.