E! News host Giuliana Rancic has recently thought about going under the knife to enhance her appearance and look more youthful on national television. The 39-year-old journalist noticed that more wrinkles have been forming on her forehead, prompting her to ask her friend and Fashion Police co-host Joan Rivers for advice.

As you may know, 80-year-old Joan Rivers is no stranger to plastic surgery and is completely honest about her love for cosmetic procedures. It comes as no surprise that she urges Rancic to opt for a face lift in the newest episode of Style Network reality series Giuliana & Bill.

“I think it is never too soon. Do it while you’re young! Don’t wait to be Robert Redford – you’ll look like you went through a windscreen. You know what I’m saying?” suggests Rivers. “‘Do you tune up your car? Do you touch up your paint?”

Because Rancic sees herself on TV constantly, she is even more critical of her appearance and admits that she is more likely to go under the knife because she is in the lime-light. Ultimately, she believes this will help improve her professional life because in Hollywood, youth and beauty are everything.

Like Rancic, many people believe that a youthful look will help forward their career, whether they are in the entertainment industry or not.

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