You may have noticed aesthetic beauty trends putting the focus on a curvey and well shaped rear end. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Virgina Gallardo, and Kylie Jenner are known for their appealing curves. Some celebs have been open about how they achieved their attractive curves, and the answer is a Brazilian butt lift. The BBL, its well-known nickname, is becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure. Find out the facts about using liposuction fat transfer to get the perky booty that is trending.


What is a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL

A Brazilian butt lift is a new procedure that uses fat taken from your body where it is not wanted using liposuction. This same fat is then transferred into the buttocks. By doing this, patients can make their waist smaller and their rear end round and perky, thus improving the proportions of their body. Many who choose a BBL complain about having a “flat” butt they would like bigger.

Because the fat used is from the patient’s own body, results can look and feel very natural. Every person’s body stores fat in different areas, and this may not be ideal. The buttocks shape depends on genetics, bone structure, fat composition, and muscle group mass. Even with dieting and exercise, it can be impossible for people to shape their rear end to their liking naturally.

This is why liposuction fat transfer is an excellent option for those who are unhappy with their curves even after making much effort to change them. Many choose to take fat from the pockets on hips, thighs, belly, and even back and arms. The fat not wanted in one area can look amazing in another. It takes a talented and skilled cosmetic surgeon to sculpt their patient’s body in this way. Make sure you choose a top surgeon like those at The Lett Center in Tennessee to help you get the best BBL results.


Is It Permanent?

A Brazilian butt lift isn’t permanent, but it can last quite a while. By maintaining a stable weight, patients can enjoy their BBL results for years. Since these new curves are your natural fat, losing weight can mean you lose the fat in this area too. It is best to get to your goal weight before receiving this procedure and make sure it is maintainable.


With proper aftercare, a BBL should last at least several years and possibly even decades. During recovery, there are a few ways to maximize your results. The transferred fat is delicate, and some portion will not survive the procedure. These tips can help you keep as many cells alive and intact as possible:

  • Don’t smoke
  • Try not to sit on your buttocks for about a month
  • Don’t drive or ride in the car in a seated position for about 2 months
  • Stay hydrated and add Himalayan salt to your water
  • Eat nutrient-dense foods
  • Don’t sleep on your back for 2 months
  • Maintain a stable weight
  • Don’t wear tight or restrictive clothing while healing
  • Don’t do strenuous exercise or activity for 2 months


The Surgical Process

A Brazilian butt lift is a procedure done under anesthesia, in most cases. A cosmetic surgeon first uses liposuction. This removes and collects fat from the undesired areas of the body. The cosmetic surgeon must be skilled because this collection also serves as part of a BBL body contouring. Uneven fat removal can cause lumps and bumps under the skin.

The fat collected during liposuction goes through processing to ready it for grafting, known as a transfer. In this process, fat is separated from debris, excess fluid, and dead cells. Purification helps ensure fat cells are healthy and likely to survive.

The final step involves getting the fat back into the body. The surgeon injects fat cells into the desired areas, sculpting the area to the patients’ desired contours. The fat needs to be spread underneath the tissue, leaving room for blood to flow around the cells. Blood flow to these cells helps make sure they survive the transfer.

The amount injected will depend on the amount of extracted fat and the desired final contour. Surgeons will often inject extra fat, knowing that not all cells will survive the transfer.


Why Get Fat Transfer Instead of Implants

Butt implants are another way to increase the size and change the shape of the buttocks. These implants are usually silicone, as that material can withstand more pressure. Implants are often noticeable, unlike a BBL. In some cases, the outline of the implant is visible under the skin. They come in various round and oval shapes that may not flow with the body as seamlessly.

Get a Brazilian butt lift from the best cosmetic surgeons in TN.

A Brazilian butt lift provides more natural-looking results and allows the surgeon to place fat exactly where needed. The procedure also requires body contouring to complete, and that is an added benefit to the final result.

Implants can be felt, unlike the BBL. While silicon can be soft to the touch, it will have a different feel than the rest of the buttock’s surrounding fat. A Brazilian but lift will have more natural results and will feel the same through the area.


Who Can Get This Procedure

If you have a lot of loose skin in the buttocks area, this may not be the right treatment for you. This procedure adds fat and mass to the area, along with some shape. But this shape must be supported by the skin. With loose skin in the area, added fat may sag and not have the desired effect.

You also should already be at your healthy goal weight to ensure lasting results. Keeping that in mind, you must also have enough fat stores to use during the transfer.


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