Have you ever noticed that Cindy Crawford looks just as young now as she did in the 1980s? It seems like the 48-year-old has barely aged over the past 25 years, and, according to Daily Mail, she may have Botox to thank for this.

The source reports that Crawford has been seeing Paris-based cosmetic doctor Jean-Louis Sebagh for quite some time now and that Dr. Sebagh has helped her maintain her youthful appearance for the past 20 years. Dr. Sebagh told the news outlet that Crawford first came to him when she was in her 20s. While he admitted that he won’t normally start Botox treatments on someone that young, Dr. Sebagh explained that he encourages patients to start seeing him before they actually require treatment so that he can work with them as they age.

“Having consulted with a patient early on, as I did with Cindy when I first met her, we were able to discuss and plan a skincare and age-maintenance regime that would allow her to maintain her beauty and negate the need for invasive treatments or procedures at a later date,” said Dr. Sebagh.

Crawford has always been open about seeing Dr. Sebagh. She has even been quoted saying that she owes “the quality of [her] skin to [her] cosmetic surgeon.” She also helps Dr. Sebagh promote a line of cosmetics.

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