We all know that celebrities get plastic surgery – whether or not they’re willing to admit it. In recent years, more famous faces have felt comfortable owning up to their various nips and tucks, but there are still a fair few who continue to cite a healthy diet and good genes for their wrinkle-free visages. However, these denials don’t do much to stop the speculation, and one reality star and talk show host recently tackled such rumors head-on in a hilarious and candid clip.

Bethenny Frankel, who rose to fame on “Real Housewives of New York,” called out a New York plastic surgeon on her talk show, “Bethenny,” for talking about her alleged Botox obsession with the U.K. Daily Mail. She notes that Dr. Robert Guido – the plastic surgeon in question – is not her doctor and that he should “shut [his] pie hole.”

“Now, I am not saying I haven’t ever done Botox. I am not saying I wouldn’t do Botox but I am not doing Botox on the regular,” she said in the segment.  Those who do so, she added, have every right to pursue cosmetic treatments that make them feel good, but should always consult a board-certified plastic surgeon to make sure they’re doing so safely.

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