According to a recent survey commissioned by RealSelf, an online platform for plastic surgery discussion, 21 percent of women are planning to have a plastic surgery procedure or are seriously thinking about it in the future.

The study asked women between the ages of 18 and 64 numerous plastic surgery questions and concluded that seeking professional cosmetic consultations has risen more than 200 percent among those unsatisfied with one body area. Among women ages 18 to 24, 90 percent reported being unhappy with one part of their physique.

Plastic surgery is currently in a “positive” movement driven by Instagram posts tagged with #plasticpositive #cosmeticsurgery and #plasticbeauty. The website has also emerged as a front runner for positive plastic surgery stories, pictures and forum threads. These plastic surgery selfies are just a fraction of the one million taken each day by people around the world, according to USAToday.

Many celebrities and even regular people deny undergoing cosmetic procedures each year.

This movement is also attributed to a renewed interest in non-surgical, less invasive procedures. Advances in technology have made these procedures quicker, possibly meaning less time spent away from work and less money spent.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, their was a 12 percent increase in cosmetic procedures totaling more than $12 billion for the first time since 2008.

Sites like Plastic Positive and Instagram tags denote a change from plastic surgery being a taboo to that of an open and celebrated change to your body. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure be sure to see a licensed professional that understands what you want and how to perform it. Plastic surgery provider, like the Lett Center, offer procedures such as liposuction and breast reduction in a clean, knowledgeable and comforting environment.