According to Medical Xpress, due to an increase in the number of weight loss surgeries in the U.S., plastic surgery is also increasing.

New data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) indicates that procedures associated with massive weight loss such as breast lifts, upper arm lifts, thigh lifts and tummy tucks grew quickly in 2014, the fastest rate in four years.

This growth is accompanied by a surge in weight loss surgeries and many experts from the ASPS believe that the two are correlated.

The research revealed:

  • 179,000 Americans had weight loss surgery in 2013, about 500 procedures a day. This is the highest number of these types of surgeries since 2009 and the third highest number ever recorded.
  • Breast lifts increased by 10 percent, the largest increase since 2009.
  • Thigh lifts and upper arm lifts had their biggest single-year increase in 2014, both by nine percent.
  • Tummy tucks increased by four percent.

After a massive weight loss procedure, patients are often left with excessive amounts of sagging skin. Some areas of the body are especially affected, including the thighs, under the arms, around the abdomen and the breasts.

“You can’t attribute that to anything other than the fact that there are more massive weight loss patients out there looking to take care of the problems that they now have after their weight loss surgery,” said ASPS president Dr. Glasberg.

Although many patients do change their lifestyle, undergoing both exercise routines and food consumption changes, excessive skin can be hard to eliminate. It can also be extremely painful, as well as unsightly. Even if the patient has lost a dramatic amount of weight, they may feel as if the surgery was unsuccessful due to excess skin and the new problem body areas it causes.

In 2014, almost 45,000 patients who had weight loss surgery also chose to have plastic surgery procedures. This increase indicates the biggest flux of procedures in a single year in almost five years.

Although weight loss surgery can eliminate weight, it’s usually not the last step in a complete transformation. Many patients don’t realize the affect the weight loss may have on their body, or how much it can be impacted.

After a weight loss surgery, many patients choose to undergo a host of changes to eliminate excess skin and other new issues. These plastic surgery procedures can often be combined in one surgery.

The Lett Center can help you decide if a multiple surgery procedure is right for you. During a consultation, Dr. Lett will survey a range of complications and outcomes that could occur during and after this type of procedure.

It is a relatively common practice to have more than one procedure performed at a time. This helps the surgeon sculpt your overall final appearance, as well as eliminate some costs associated with multiple surgeries.

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