Plastic Surgery Rising Among Teens and Young Adults

In this day and age, it’s important to not only look, but feel your best. However, it can be difficult to do that when you believe your appearance isn’t as great as it could be. This mindset is especially prevalent in teenagers and young adults. A 2012 study conducted by InSites Consulting, a marketing research group, found that 15 percent of participants between 15 and 25 years old said that they would consider getting plastic surgery, yet 88 percent of females respondents revealed that they would alter something about their face or body and 73 percent of males said the same thing.

According to the research, ladies said the most unattractive areas on their body were their stomachs, thighs, buttocks and breasts. Guys said that they were most dissatisfied with their stomach and muscles, followed by their facial area.

”The current generation of youth is often referred to by scientists as the most narcissistic group ever,” stated Joeri Van den Bergh, InSites Consulting Gen Y expert and author of “How Cool Brands Stay Hot.” ”Therefore, it is not surprising that looking good is so important.”

Interestingly, various countries are concerned with different parts of their body. For example, young women in China aren’t that focused on their stomachs and breasts because their skin, eyes and hair are considered more important. Females in Brazil think more about altering their stomachs and breasts and are less considered about their thighs than survey respondents in the United States. However, residents in this country seemed less happy with the way they looked. Almost 50 percent of women said that they would consider going under the knife and 34 percent of men said the same thing.

Regardless of your age, being unhappy with your appearance can affect your everyday quality of life. If you are considering plastic surgery, it’s critical you schedule a consultation with a board-certified surgeon like Dr. Lett. For years, he’s been improving the lives of men and women in the Lebanon, Tennessee, area.