It’s normal for someone to be dissatisfied with the shape or appearance of their nose, but at the same time be unsure of whether or not they want surgery. For these folks, there may be an alternative.

Fox News recently reported on the story of Oliva Kraus, a 35-year-old New York City resident who did not like the dent in her nose that she was afraid would worsen as she aged. She was not yet willing to commit to the permanence of plastic surgery, but found a physician with a non-surgical solution.

After applying a topical anesthetic, Kraus’ provider, Dr. Eric Schweiger, injected a dermal filler known as Radiesse into her nose.

“We can physically mold the filler when it’s under the skin into the place that we want it to be,” Schweiger told the news outlet. “We also put a little bit of Botox in the muscle that kind of pulls down the nose – and that, in about five days can kind of help push up the nose.”

Radiesse is very malleable and is commonly used to shape and contour large areas of the face. Patients can usually see the results of the injection right away.

Krause told the source that she was thrilled with what she saw.

Not everyone is a candidate for a non-surgical nose job, so you will need to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon if you are interested in the procedure. It is also important to note that the results are not permanent, so patients will have to come back for touch ups at least once a year.

If you are interested in a permanent solution for your nose’s bumps or curves, contact The Lett Center today.