According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association of Facial Plastic Surgery, women who have undergone facial rejuvenation surgery are perceived to be more attractive and likable than they were before their surgery.

This “facial profiling phenomenon” is a shortcut people use to obtain information about others based on visible cues such as facial expressions and overall appearance.

The Results of The Study

The study’s lead author, Dr. Michael Reilly, a plastic surgeon at the Georgetown University Medical Center, told The Huffington Post that our perception of people is based on the short amount of time we spend with them. In this, a short resting facial expression could be what people base their judgments on, regardless of if this changes throughout the day.

According to Reilly,  a resting face with the corners of the mouth facing downward may make a person appear angry or upset, while a person with higher, fuller cheeks may appear happier.

Before and After Plastic Surgery

In the study, pre-operative and post-operative pictures were shown of 30 white women and rated based on six personality traits: aggressiveness, extroversion, likability, trustworthiness, risk-seeking, and social skills.

Women’s post-operative photos were rated as being more likable, feminine, attractive, and overall better social skills, though they had never seen the women in person or spoken to them.

The cause of this perception could be due to the changes seen in the women’s resting facial expressions, which appeared happier because of facelift and lower eyelid procedures, among other enhancements.

Plastic Surgery May Not Please Everyone

Despite the overall positive reaction, some women were rated more negatively after their surgeries. This could be caused by some participants in the study viewing their changes as less subtle, creating a possible unnatural appearance.

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