We’ve detailed the rise in male plastic surgery many times on this blog. Though men only made up about 10 percent of the cosmetic surgery patients in 2012 according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, this is a substantial leap from previous years. Non-invasive offerings like Botox injections have become particularly popular for men who are looking to reduce certain signs of aging to make themselves appear more energetic and vital, especially in the workplace.

Recently, The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch touched on this trend, reporting that a greater number of male Baby Boomers are flocking to plastic surgeons for a few subtle touch-ups to make themselves more competitive in an increasingly cut-throat economic climate.

“While the unemployment rate for those 55 and over is lower than for other ages, it takes boomers much longer to find work if they lose their jobs,” the source states. “And there’s evidence that, despite laws prohibiting age discrimination, looking old (or at least looking older) can hamper efforts to reboot a career.”

It’s an unfortunate fact that our appearances do influence how other aspects of our characters are perceived. Even talented, highly capable individuals may come off as tired or sour because of certain fine lines and creases, and that impression may linger after your next job interview. If you are considering a few minor cosmetic enhancements to address signs of aging, contact the Lett Center in Lebanon, Tennessee, to learn more about Botox, dermal fillers and other incredible treatments.