Thirty-year-old Brazilian-born flight attendant Rodrigo Alves admits that looking like a living Ken doll makes him feel more confident. Alves has spent around $168,850 and has had over 20 cosmetic procedures to look more like Mattel’s famous doll, whom he claims is the ‘ideal man.’

What type of work has he had done?

Among his various surgeries include three nose jobs, jaw liposuction, calf shaping, pectoral implants and a six-pack-sculpting operation. He also makes appointments for bi-annual Botox as well as takes collagen tablets, anti-water retention pills and hair growth supplements.

“With Ken everything is exactly in the right place, his back, his biceps, his jawline. So, of course, I’d like to look like him. He’s perfect!” Alves tells SWNS. “I’d like to make my shoulders bigger, my bum rounder, my pecs larger and probably another nose job,” he said.

When did he start having procedures?

Rodrigo decided to go under the knife for the first time in 2004 after struggling with the way he looked since childhood. He admits that he never felt comfortable in his own skin when he was younger and was often teased by his classmates. Some kids even told Alves that he had the “biggest nose they’d ever seen,” which ultimately hurt his self-esteem.

Now, Alves is more confident and is proud of the way he looks. He plans to have more plastic surgery procedures in the future.

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