You may have heard of a breast lift and brow lift, but there’s a high probability that you’ve never come across the term lip lift. But, physicians who belong to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) believe that this operation ought to be an option for patients who want to take years off their face. According to an ASPS press release, lip shortening surgery, as it is called, is ideal because as men and women get older, the sculpted appearance of the lip is lost. This procedure brings back a shapely look to this delicate part of the body.

If steps that aren’t taken to correct this imperfection, they can even affect your smile, one surgeon explained.

“The length of the upper lip increases with age, and this is associated with thinning of the lip and insufficient coverage of the upper teeth,” said ASPS Member Dr. John Gatti.

Surgeons like Gatti conducted a study over a 22-year period, during which 166 lip lifts were performed. Most of the individuals who were operated on said that they felt they looked better. Just over 25 percent required more surgery and the most common reason for this was the presence of a scar.

Of course, if you are interested in this operation, it’s important to talk about the possible risks with an experienced surgeon.

“Plastic surgeons should carefully discuss the pros and cons of lip shortening surgery with their patients,” stated Dr. Gatti. ”I’ve found that the procedure can require minor revisions to correct scarring. However, lip shortening surgery does improve facial aesthetics and should be utilized by plastic surgeons to treat the aging face.”

Lip lifts are just one way to improve the way you look. Facelifts, Botox® and chin and cheek implants can also boost your appearance and confidence. To learn more about these procedures, contact a board-certified surgeon like Dr. Lett. If you want to schedule a consultation, call 615-443-0901.