According to The Washington Post, a new celebrity craze is taking the internet by storm. The Kylie Jenner challenge has been seen covering Twitter timelines, Facebook feeds and Instagram accounts with picture after picture of teens with plumped, inflamed lips.

Using shot glasses, teens have been inserting their lips into the opening and sucking for an undetermined amount of time. The combination of suction and friction causes their lips to swell and puff.

This technique is extremely unsafe and can have disastrous permanent results. Dendy Engelman, a dermatological surgeon, told Seventeen Magazine the DIY plumping can cause pain, bruising, swelling and scarring.

Repeated use of this technique can cause permanent disfigurement.

Another cosmetic surgeon stated that the challenge can cause the lips to turn blue creating a greater chance of infection and loss of sensation.

Jenner, known for her full, plump lips has denied having any cosmetic work done on her lips and claims her signature look is caused by her makeup and moisturizing routines.

Underage, and not fully developed both mentally and psychically, these teens can be causing permanent harm at a young age, when their bodies are still changing.

Body modification of any kind should be taken seriously, and be performed in a clean, safe environment by an experienced professional.

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