One of the most important parts of the plastic surgery decision process is finding a board-certified plastic surgeon who you are comfortable with and trust. A surgeon’s job is to provide sound advice and help achieve your ideal look. If you don’t think that your doctor’s suggestions are in your best interest, it may be time to consider a different surgeon.

In an appearance on “The View,” reality star Heidi Montag opened up about her decision to go under the knife in 2010. As you may recall, Montag underwent 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day, including liposuction, breast augmentation and ear pinning. Last year, she underwent revision plastic surgery to reduce her bust size.

During the interview, the TV star revealed that most of her procedures were prompted by her plastic surgeon. She admitted that she was not comfortable with his suggestions, but went along with them anyway.

“I didn’t know what an eyebrow lift and a chin reduction was,” Montag said. “So once he kind of told me everything that was wrong with me I felt really insecure, and he gave me a really great deal on it all. He didn’t tell me how extensive it was going to be, how severe, how painful, so I had no idea.”

The purpose of cosmetic surgery is to have the look that you – and no one else – want. If you’re interested in a procedure, your first step is finding a board-certified plastic surgeon that you trust. Contact The Lett Center today for more information.