It was only a few years ago that plastic surgery was only discussed among close friends and relatives. But the increased availability of minimally-invasive procedures and the openness of public figures who have discussed their surgeries have lifted much of its stigma. It’s no surprise then, that giving cosmetic procedures as a gift has become increasingly common.

While it’s not uncommon to wait until the holiday season to offer to pay for someone’s surgery, you should tread lightly if you intend to offer this type of present.

Avoid surprises 

Writing on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ Plastic Surgery Post blog, Chicago physician, Dr. Jeffrey Weinzweig, said that surprising someone with plastic surgery could be taken as an insult.

“For example, giving your girlfriend a gift certificate for a breast augmentation can cause offense if she didn’t ask for it,” wrote Weinzweig. “It would be like giving someone a membership for a weight loss program – it sends an obvious message that you’re unhappy with their appearance.”

He also advised  being cautious about giving a loved-one an open-ended gift certificate, as it may be interpreted as an affront to their entire body.

Know your loved one

If a friend or significant other has expressed to you that they would like to have surgery, financing it can be an extremely thoughtful gift. Be sure to remember, however, that the final decision is up to the patient regardless of who pays.

You should also allow the potential patient to visit multiple board certified plastic surgeons and work with the one whom they are most comfortable with. If you and your loved one are interested in learning more about plastic surgery, contact The Lett Center today.