Making the choice to undergo plastic surgery is a big decision that can feel daunting to many people in spite of the benefits it yields. That being said, wouldn’t you feel a lot better about it if someone you love was going under the knife with you?

According to 23ABC Bakersfield, a California news outlet, plastic surgeons say they’ve been seeing a significant increase in couples coming in to get plastic surgery together. Dr. Roy David of the La Jolla Center for Plastic Surgery notes that he’s seen about a 30 percent jump in this trend in the past five years. As for what motivates couples to do this, Dr. David says that “more men, in general, are getting procedures done,” adding that “if one partner is going to look 10 to 15 years younger, then the other one wants to look and feel the same,” reports the source.

To gain a first-hand perspective on this phenomenon, the news outlet interviewed Jackie and David Jernigan, a couple in their 60s who have undergone facelifts at around the same time. The couple explained that they like to do everything together, so when Jackie opted to get a facelift, David decided to follow suit.

Jackie said it was a positive experience because “you knew what the other was going through.”

If you and your significant other have made the choice to get plastic surgery together, the next step is to find Nashville plastic surgeons you can trust to beautify both of you. At The Lett Center, we aim to create a positive experience for each and every one of our patients. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!