In the quest to get a more contoured look, many women choose to wear shapewear under their clothing. This is nothing new, of course. Products like corsets and girdles have been around for centuries but the way they are currently being used, along with some new variations of these body enhancers, have sparked some concern from medical professionals.

Actress Jessica Alba recently revealed that she followed the so-called “corset diet” for three months after the birth of her two children. Followers of the diet wear double corset for up to 12 hours a day. The supposed purpose of this activity is to mimic what would happen to someone after gastric bypass surgery. Wearing tight shapewear will lead to feelings of fullness, resulting in someone eating less.

Wearing a corset is not the way to get the body you want, says Dr. Jyotindra Shah, a bariatric physician from Westchester, New York. She told The Huffington Post that long-term use of the product could cause organ damage.

“Putting this corset tight on the body could bruise your skin,” Dr. Shah told the source. People might put it so tight that the liver, spleen and kidneys could get bruised. [The corset] could also restrict oxygenation, which is an important part of life.”

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