There are a number of reasons why people choose to undergo plastic surgery, and these reasons can vary from one age group to the next. According to a recent article in the Philadelphia Business Journal, more and more folks in the Baby Boomer generation are opting for cosmetic procedures to “fight ageism in the workplace.”

Fifty-five-year-old Ronna Pelsky, who left the workforce in the early 1990s to raise her children and has found herself in need of a job following a divorce, explained to the source that she’s planning to get rhinoplasty and have the dark circles removed from beneath her eyes. Pelsky said she thinks this will improve her chances of getting a job in a market that is known for being tough on Baby Boomers.

“I look at this as a competition. I have to sell myself to potential employers. If I’m looking old and haggard that’s going to be a minus,” Pelsky told the news outlet. “People my age aren’t getting hired, they’re getting buyouts or getting laid off.”

The source reports that plastic surgeons throughout the country have noticed a trend in plastic surgery among people like Pelsky.

“There’s no question that in the last five years, it’s happened way more often,” said Dr. Jonathan Pontell, a Pennsylvania-based plastic surgeon who has been in business since 1996. “There’s been a huge uptick.” Pontell added that even Baby Boomers who are gainfully employed are getting work done, noting that their goal is to protect their job “by looking as youthful as they can.”

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