The Medical Board of Australia has proposed a “cooling-off period” for adults and teenagers seeking plastic surgery changes.

According to the Herald Sun, these changes to pre-plastic surgery procedures would include:

  • Informed patient consent with focus on “explicit guidance” and risk of complications
  • A limit on what facilities can perform procedures
  • A required assessment of teenagers by a registered psychiatrist or psychologist
  • A seven day “cool-off period” before surgery for adults
  • Required face-to-face meetings before prescribing injections
  • The doctor who performs the procedure would be responsible for post-operative care.

Prospective patients under the age of 18 would have to wait three months before their elected choice could be performed, said The Guardian. There is currently no set rules for the expected time between consultation and actual procedure in Australia.

In the U.S., a situation like this could be remedied with a few simple steps:

  • Ensure you have enough time for recovery from plastic surgery and a plan in place to do so.
  • Find a board certified surgeon that has experience or is specialized in what you would like to change or enhance. You don’t have to choose the first surgeon you speak with to help you achieve your results.
  • Know exactly what you want from the procedure, why you want it and how you would like to make the change. Be aware of the different types of procedures that are available.
  • Take into account your age, mindset and plans for the future. Plastic surgery is an investment only when it is taken into careful consideration.
  • Understand that any procedure, surgical or non-surgical has the potential for risk and unexpected change

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