Thanks to the benefits of plastic surgery for women of all ages, the last year has seen a rise in family members opting to go under the knife together to enhance their appearance. However, one aunt and niece from Texas – swayed by substantially lower prices – decided to undergo their procedures in Tijuana, Mexico, and the results proved disastrous.

In a cautionary tale that women in Tennessee should bear in mind if they’re considering plastic surgery abroad, Mimi Valdez and her niece Chrissy have come forward to share their horrific experience. Valdez reached out to KHOU – a regional news outlet in the Lone Star State, to discourage other women from prioritizing price over safety.

According to the source, both women had lost a substantial amount of weight and were eager to get rid of the loose, sagging skin that was left behind. Valdez was scheduled to receive a tummy tuck, while her niece was interested in a full Mommy Makeover.

Upon arriving at the clinic, which was located in a strip mall, Valdez admitted that she was apprehensive. However, she still decided to follow through with the procedure.

“I was already there. I knew I wasn’t going to get my money back and I made a very, very wrong decision to go through with it. And I should have listened to my intuition but I didn’t,” she told KHOU.

Both women have experienced substantial medical problems following their procedures, and said their bodies are now disfigured.

Though the two women reportedly conducted ample research before selecting their clinic, the fact remains that there is always a risk involved with medical tourism. Chances are you will not be familiar with the certification process in other countries, and should complications arise you will then be forced to deal with them in a locale you are unfamiliar with.

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