Many of us expected acne to magically disappear on our 20th birthdays, only to find out that pimples and zits can follow you throughout young adulthood and into middle age. While most experts agree that hormones and genetics often contribute to chronic acne, some other variables that could be worsening your breakouts may surprise you:

  • Cell phone: Addicted to your smartphone? Like it or not, it could be causing your zits. Clean your device regularly and try to switch ears every so often so that your phone isn’t touching the same area of skin several hours per day. Consider using a hands-free option.
  • Dirty make-up tools: When was the last time you cleaned your make-up brushes, sponges and wands? If you don’t do so frequently, bacteria and grime can accumulate on those tools, which then go right on your skin every morning. This can trigger or worsen acne.
  • Hair products: You likely give a lot of thought to the products you put on your face, but what about those that go in your hair? If you break out along your hair line, your shampoo, conditioner and/or hair cream might be to blame. Try switching to water-based products that are less likely to clog and irritate pores.

If you struggle with adult acne, consider investing in regular chemical peels and/or laser treatments at The Lett Center in Lebanon, Tennessee. These cosmetic procedures can increase skin cell turnover, reducing breakouts and erasing acne scars. Our reputable Nashville-area plastic surgery clinic is run by board certified physician Dwayne Lett, M.D. Dr. Lett and his qualified medical team can help you uncover the smooth, clear, luminous skin you deserve.