Over the past few years, crowd funding has been used to pay for variety of projects, ranging from video games to full-length feature films. Recently, many women who are interested in breast enhancement surgery have found that there are plenty of generous individuals online who want to help them achieve their aesthetic goals. One crowd funding website, MyFreeImplants.com, has been extremely successful in assisting women find the money that they need for their surgery.

According to San Diego 6, a local CW affiliate, MyFreeImplants.com was founded by California native Jay Moore who came up with the idea after meeting a waitress who said that she was working extra in order to be able to pay for breast implants. Since the website’s launch in 2008, it has raised over $12 million.

“The donors are men and women from all over the world who are interested in helping people achieve their dreams through cosmetic surgery,” Moore told the source.

In order to receive donations, women interested in plastic surgery must set up a profile similar to one they would create on a social networking site like Facebook. Donors can either give money directly, or chat with the recipients to learn about them more.

To prevent fraud, all money donated goes directly to the board certified plastic surgeon whom the patient has chosen to perform her surgery.

While MyFreeImlants.com is currently limited to funding breast surgery, Moore told the source that the website will soon offer members the opportunity to receive funding for multiple procedures.

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