Previously on this blog, we focused on an aspect of the aging process that many women in Tennessee have probably noticed, but couldn’t quite put their finger on – the natural loss of volume on their face. This shift can accentuate the appearance of wrinkles and result in gauntness that is a far cry from youthful vibrancy. Today, we’ll focus on another frustration that ladies share as they grow older: The wattle.

This term refers to the skin that hangs beneath the chin, and drives many older women to opt for neck scarves and turtlenecks no matter how sweltering the heat may be outdoors. In fact, one plastic surgeon from Manhattan recently explained that many of his female patients are actually more concerned about the sagging skin around this area than the fine lines, wrinkles and volume loss on their visage.

“Women generally pay the most attention to their faces, taking care to protect them with skin cream and SPF. Meanwhile, the neck is neglected, which can exacerbate collagen loss as well as the appearance of creping and wrinkling,” said Dr. Sam Rizk in a recent press release.

After years of overlooking this area, Dr. Rizk noted that a number of his patients initially consult him about necklifts and other treatments that can enhance the definition along their jaw and do away with the crepiness.

Even the most confident women in Tennessee probably have one or two physical features they’d change if they could – whether it’s the perennial bags under their eyes or the weight they carry on their hips. Whatever attributes you’re concerned with, remember that board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lett is on hand to help. Contact the Lett Center in Lebanon, Tennessee, today to discuss your options.