As joyous and rewarding as motherhood can be, there are certain aspects of being a momma that many women in Tennes​see would happily live without. The transformation their bodies undergo is certainly high on that list. As we’ve discussed amply on this blog, pregnancy brings with it many physical alterations that no amount of diet or exercise can remedy completely. You may be able to lose the extra weight, for example, but what can you do about that excess skin? And how can you ever restore your cleavage to its former glory?

These frustrations are exactly why the combination of procedures known as the Mommy Makeover has become so popular. Women across the country are addressing these changes with liposuction, tummy tucks, breast lifts and more, all in a bid to see themselves as alluring individuals as well as mothers. In fact, reality TV star and new mom Snooki of “The Jersey Shore” fame recently spoke to People Magazine about her body after baby, and what cosmetic enhancements she may turn to down the line.

“I am thinking of getting a boob job maybe […] I want to feel confident with my boobies and I don’t,” she said. The TV personality admitted that her breasts swelled enormously during her pregnancy and the volume loss has made them considerably less attractive in her eyes. “I have a Victoria’s Secret Wonder Bra on – but when I don’t, they just sag and it’s like skin.”

Though you may not be as eager to discuss your body issues in public, you have as much of a right as any celebrity to take action. Contact the Lett Center today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lett about breast lifts, breast augmentation and other cosmetic offerings.