Upon noticing the first signs of aging, some men buy muscle cars or start participating in an extreme sport. That may make them feel better for a while, but a joy ride or a skydive isn’t going to take away the fact you don’t look like you’re in your 20s anymore. Las Vegas performer Frank Marino is bucking the macho trend, and instead choosing to do what women have been doing for decades: Visiting a plastic surgeon.

Just days after his 50th birthday, Marino, star of the long-running “Divas” show, underwent facelift surgery and also had his jawline sculpted.

“Most people’s midlife crisis is to buy a new car, but then they’re stepping out of that new car with an old face,” Marino told Las Vegas Magazine. “I’d rather step out of my car with a new face.”

Although this procedure was the most invasive that he’d had, Marino is no stranger to cosmetic enhancements. He previously had eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and a chin implant.

Marino’s choice to have plastic surgery may have something to do with his career as a performer. In “Divas,” he plays a fictionalized version of Joan Rivers. The comedienne is no stranger to plastic surgery, as she has been open about her various procedures including multiple facelifts and Botox injections.

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