When Tracy Anderson, the personal trainer who has worked with A-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow, sat down to talk about post-pregnancy workouts with Newsday.com, the reporters probably expected a laundry list of specific exercises and some forceful words about self-discipline. However, the fitness fanatic, who is currently helping Kim Kardashian get rid of her baby weight, actually shared a softer sentiment.

"There's something really wrong with us trying to manipulate people into thinking that celebrities have some [weight loss] secret that other women don't have," she said of the misconception that high-profile mommies can instantly regain their figures.

Though these women are undoubtedly held to a higher degree of public scrutiny, Anderson stressed that taking time to connect with their newborns and let nature take its course is a priority for her celebrity clients, and should be for all women. "[My goal with Kim is] only [to] make her healthy and as in proportion as she should naturally be," she said.

Yes, shifting the weight after pregnancy takes determination, but Anderson stresses that you shouldn't feel pressure to bounce back right away. The focus should be incorporating a healthy diet and exercise into a lifestyle that ultimately revolves around your little one.

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