Did Nicole Kidman have a breast augmentation?

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Nicole Kidman fans are asking if the star recently had a breast augmentation after she showed up at the Swisse Celebrate Life Ball in Melbourne looking unusually buxom in a low-cut, v-neck dress. The 46-year-old Kidman has never looked better than she did at the June event, which she attended with her country music star husband, Keith Urban.

In recent years, there has been a trend toward smaller breast implants. While larger breast implants were once very popular, many women now prefer a more natural look. There are several reasons for this change in attitude. First of all, large breast implants can be very heavy, and they can cause back pain and other health problems. Additionally, large implants can make it difficult to find clothes that fit well, and they can make exercise and other physical activities more difficult. As all things course correct over time, the desire for breast augmentations that aren’t blatantly obvious is on the rise. Finally, many women simply feel more comfortable with smaller breasts. As a result of these factors, the demand for small breast implants has grown significantly in recent years.

nicole kidman black and white dress before breast implants

Before Nicole’s Breast Implants

Nicole kidman purple dress after breast augmentation surgery results

After Nicole’s Breast Implants

Nicole Kidman’s Natural Look

In keeping with the recent trend toward more modestly sized breast implants, Kidman’s chest appears fuller but still looks very natural on her fine-boned frame.

“It appears she has had a pretty impressive breast augmentation […] I suspect that she’s gone from a big a or small B to a full C [cup size],” plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn told Radar Online. “Overall I think it looks good, although maybe a touch overdone. It’s also possible she still has some swelling.”

We think Nicole Kidman’s plastic surgery was an overall success!

Staying youthful after children

According to People Magazine, Kidman and ex-husband Tom Cruise adopted two children together in the 1990s, and she and Urban gave birth to a daughter in 2008. The couple later had a second child together, via a surrogate. Like many mothers, Kidman wisely invests time and money in looking and feeling good! She has openly acknowledged that she has used Botox treatments to help her maintain her youthful-looking appearance.

boob job in mt juliet

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