Not Ready for a Full Facelift? Learn About These Alternatives

The last few years have seen a refreshing shift, as women in Tennessee and across the country have begun to feel more comfortable about expressing their desire to look their best – and divulging the steps they take to do so. We’ve seen this development in the growing number of celebrities who have openly discussed their enhancements.

Now – thanks in part to affordable and non-invasive options like Botox and dermal fillers – these tweaks and touch-ups are no longer reserved for the wealthy.

However, with the wide array of facial treatments now available, it’s understandable that some women may be skeptical about how well these procedures really work, particularly compared to surgical enhancements like facelifts. To address this concern, The British Daily Mail recently invited readers to judge for themselves by presenting before and after pictures of women who have invested in Botox, laser treatments and chemical peels to rejuvenate their skin.

Patricia O’Brien, a 58-year-old mother of three adult children, told the newspaper that she “hadn’t realized how bad [her] brown spots were or how old they made [her] look,” adding that her plastic surgeon said these marks could be “more aging than wrinkles.”

O’Brien received laser treatment to remove these blemishes, and also found that the procedure improved the firmness of her skin and even reduced the size of her pores.

Another woman, 52-year-old Jane Schulz, opted for Botox and dermal fillers to counteract years of smoking and sun damage. Ultimately, she said the procedures took “around 10 years” off of her face.

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