Retired actress Amanda Bynes has been in the news a lot lately. Whether she’s taking to social media websites like Twitter or walking around the streets of New York City in a peculiar outfit, the gossip columns and magazines have been all over her unusual antics. As she completely transformed her look from sweetheart to provocative diva, the world has been wondering what has been going through her head.

Most recently, Bynes revealed that she had rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a nose job. What exactly was the reason for going under the knife? To correct the “webbing” between her eyes.

“In Touch used a photo from years ago on their cover and I hate it! The reason I’ve asked all magazines and blogs to stop using old photos of me is I don’t look like that anymore! I had a nose job to remove skin that was like a webbing in between my eyes. I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but I look so much prettier in my new photos that I don’t want old photos used anymore!” the 27-year-old tweeted on May 5.

She said that rhinoplasty really boosted her self-esteem. Regardless of what you think of Amanda’s transformation, it’s hard to deny that her nose does look completely natural.

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