Are your large breasts causing continual back pain?

Having larger breasts does not always mean women are happier with their body or healthier. In certain cases, bigger breasts may be the cause of continual physical pain, along with social and emotional anxiety. Following a breast reduction surgery, many women state that their constant back or neck pain goes away, along with an overall improved body image, making it one of the happiest procedures.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery released the data from a survey, showing that of all plastic surgery procedures, breast reduction ranked the highest in terms of patient satisfaction, and the number of women undergoing the procedure increased 183 percent since 1997. According to the report, of those surveyed, only 20 percent were fully satisfied with their breasts, while after the surgery, that number dramatically jumped to over 80 percent.

“Bigger breasts may be the cause of continual physical pain.”

What are the reasons to pursue a breast reduction procedure?
Anyone suffering from painful neck, shoulder or back pains, along with sensitive strap marks or rashes as a result of overly large breasts, should consider breast reduction. Those who are unable to participate in certain physical activities, or are self-conscious about their disproportionate breasts in relation to their size should also look into the vast benefits of this procedure. There are risks, as with any procedure, but the outcome is far more rewarding.

“With any surgery, there is inherent risk to going under anesthesia, though the risk is low,” Lily Dayton at the Los Angeles Times reported. “Risks of the actual procedure include decreased sensation or loss of sensation in the nipple, infection, poor wound healing, asymmetry and the death of fat tissue in the breast.”

As the risks are low and the benefits are far greater, women across the country report feeling far happier with their bodies following this procedure. As with any procedure, thoroughly abiding by all post-operative instructions will aid the healing process, helping women return to their normal lives quickly and with far more confidence.

Consult with a plastic surgery specialist to learn more about the benefits of breast reduction surgery today!