One of the most amazing aspects in the field of medicine is that it is constantly evolving for the benefit of patients. The specialty of plastic surgery seems to be at the forefront of these advancements, as we often hear of new procedures that more efficiently give patients the look that they want.

In an interview with the blog of the American Society for Aesthetc Plastic Surgery (ASPS), Minneapolis-based plastic surgeon Dr. Joe Gryskiewicz said that plastic surgery patients could look forward to the following advancements in 2014 and beyond:

  • Breast surgery – A growing number of patients are expressing interest in having armpit incisions for breast augmentation because it keeps them from having external scars. There are also new breast implants on the market that do the additional job of providing lift for breasts that have lost their support.
  • Facelift – According to Dr.Gryskiewicz, facial surgeries are moving toward “shorter incisions, more endoscopic or telescope procedures and more injectables (facial shaping and filling) and less open facelift procedures.”
  • Injections and fillers – Dr.Gryskiewicz speculated that layered implantation, a below the skin method for injecting dermal fillers, will become more popular among plastic surgeons.
  • Recovery – Cosmetic surgery patients usually want to be on their feet and back at work as soon as possible. New medications for pain management and blood clot prevention have recently been approved for use that should make the recovery process go much faster.

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